GRCC Students

Quota International of Grand Rapids has a Legacy Scholarship Fund available through GRCC. It is our goal to help students wishing to make a difference in the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing. This Scholarship Fund was established in February 2010 to recognize the giving Quotarians who have passed away. Through this scholarship, we are honoring them. This legacy includes:

  • Helen Bradford
  • Dorothy Bremer
  • Thalia Brunette
  • Emily Deming
  • Kathryn Homan
  • Mary Houran
  • Hazel Kienitz
  • Jean Lutz
  • Ruth Nevers
  • Linda Poll
  • Norma Raby
  • Anne Ryckman
  • Rosemary Scott
  • Marge Tatreau
  • Mary Wanner
  • Thelma Watson
  • Maryann Young

These scholarship criteria are:

  • for students taking 6 or more credit hours
  • student must be hard of hearing, deaf, or pursuing an education to assist the deaf or hard of hearing
  • for a recipient who will be chosen by the college
  • requiring the Student to maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • paid directly to the college for the cost of the class

Quota will receive notification of the award and the name of the recipient. If the scholarship is not awarded after two years, the gift will be put on hold until such time it is awarded, whereupon the scholarship gift will be resumed.